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About Us

We are a premier property agency plying their trade in the challenging real estate sector of Islamabad since 2006 .We at Venture 5 are perfectly aware of the fact that the investment money of our clients is accumulated by many years of hard work and it is always at the risk of a bad investment decision, so we took it upon ourselves to empower our clients to make informed property decisions. The transparent and profit oriented methods of working that we employ has allowed thousands to reap benefits with regards to their property aims. Our areas of operations include all sectors of CDA, Top City, Bahria Enclave, and FGEHF Islamabad.

Our real estate team is well known for their client friendly behavior and pay equal attention to all demands and property needs of our clients. We offer solutions based on concrete market knowledge and current know -how of property sector while keeping our client in the loop with the progress of the deal as it increases the amount of trust between us and the client we have sworn to serve. We strive hard to guide our clients through all steps of their deal, keeping them away from the risky investments and ensure that they reach their real estate destiny safe and sound. We deal in all kinds of sale, purchase, rent and commercial properties.